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Friday, December 09, 2005

Googles News & Fraud Protection

On the right of this page, Over there ->, you will find the latest credit card news stories courtesy of Google News. You will find the links point to the most up to the minute credit card news stories from all over the web.

With Internet sales becoming more commonplace, even more so at Christmas time, having a credit card with online fraud protection is vital. Most modern credit cards now have this feature, such as American Express Blue. If your current card does not have this essential piece of mind, maybe it is time to switch? You should never email your credit card details, as this is not secure. Always make sure the website you are using uses encryption, which is usually be shown with a small gold padlock in the browser window. If in any doubt, you can always phone up or shop somewhere else! You should be especially careful of bank scams, where you recieve an email which looks like its from the bank, asking for your details. Your bank will never ask for your details in this manner, so be wary.


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