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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Top Credit Card Tips

The Card Wise Site is designed to help you make the choice of what credit card is right for you. If you are going to be using the card a lot and not paying it off the balance each month, it is best to shop around and get the best APR percentage rate. The Best Cashback page shows details on credit cards which offer things like cashback and other equivalent rewards for spending. These sort of rewards are usually given to customers with a good credit rating, and would suit someone who spends a lot on their card but pays it off in full each month. Some cards offer 0% on balance transfers for 6 months, so if you are a 'card-tart' then check out the credit cards with the best balance transfer offers! To compare all the cards with all their features, check out the in-depth credit card comparison page which should give you all the information you need.


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