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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Credit Cards without the swipe

An American bank has issued it's customers with a new form of credit card, which does not need to be swiped. The credit card uses something called 'blink' technology, where a card holder simply holds their card near a point of sale reader at the checkout to pay for goods. This could be more secure than handing your card over to an employee of a shop. I have doubts to whether criminals could not obtain card readers, and just go around scanning credit cards though. I think the main idea is to speed up transactions on everyday purchases. Card Wise UK will keep an eye out to see if this type of card catches on.
Contactless Credit Cards.
I wonder if any Banks in the UK will take up this technology. As chip & pin has only just been rolled out nationwide, maybe it will take time, or 'blink' may not appear at all.


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